Family as Support System


The family is both a system and a unit in society, a primary multifunctional institution into which all human beings are born, brought up and nurtured by various interpersonal relationships. Family is composite institution where every member is mentally and emotionally affected by the existence of other members. It could help the family member to relax a bit because he or she draws some strength upon seeing his or her family.

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Family at all times

Family support and role of each member starts since the time of birth as parents as brother as sister and many other different roles which shows their care and affection through bodily gestures, verbal and nonverbal communication and provides a sense of security to the infant and it go on throughout the life. Individuals who receive a lack of support early in life remain at an increased risk of experiencing poor health later in life. A support system is vital for people living with mental illness yet at the same time the illness places relationship at risk. read more


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